Electricity Monitoring System at East Glendalough School

Electricity Monitoring System at East Glendalough School

On February 20th I visited East Glendalough School to investigate the requirements to install their electricity monitoring system.

What we needed to do

For monitoring energy consumption, two clips need to be installed around the main electricity cables which are supplying electricity. This measures the flow of electricity through these cables. By measuring at the point where the electricity enters the building – we can measure the total energy being used in a building from one measuring point.

Example energy monitoring clips

Example energy monitoring clips to be attached to the main power cables

How we did it

After meeting with some staff members it was determined that the power for the school comes into the boiler house which is located in the centre of the main school building.
As with all energy monitoring systems, the system requires clips to be installed around the incoming main electricity cables which we may only be able to access by isolating the power to the school. We agreed that we will do this outside school hours at a date and time to be agreed.
The main science lab adjoins the boiler room and a network point is available in this room to connect our monitoring system to the internet. We needed to get permission from the broadband provider to export this data to our remote server. This will allow the students and staff to view and access the meter readings.

Example energy monitoring graph

Example meter readings from an energy monitoring system

Next steps

With the initial steps completed, the system is now ready to be set up. When I next visit, the school will be isolated from the mains power, the clips will be installed and the system hooked up to the internet. After this the students and staff will be able to monitor their energy usage!


– Colm Byrne
Susliving Tech Mentor: Energy
You can email me with questions or advice at info@susliving.org