Kilkenny College projects progress

Kilkenny College projects progress

Garden improvments

On Thursday 28th Feb, Tech Mentor Martin came to our class of TY Product Design and TY Horticulture.
We are making the Wolfe Garden a more pleasant place to be, and to start we removed ivy from the old stone boundary wall, cleaned off the old mortar, and we are making a vertical garden and seating area around the apple tree.
In this workshop we also learned how to mix concrete and put in a small foundation with paving slabs to hold up the pallets of the vertical garden. We collected kindling from around the garden which we hope to sell in the future.


Mixing cement


Creating the foundations


The building site!

Acoustic and thermal insulation

On Friday 1st March, Tech Mentor Martin came to our TY Environmental Studies class.
We discussed ways to reduce the noise in Red Square, how to provide extra seating and how to make the area warmer. We previously had measured the dimensions of the square and Martin showed us how to measure the tallest height of the Square, which we had found very difficult to do in the previous class. We also planned to put hanging art installations in the area to reduce the sound and make it more aesthetically pleasing.
You can read and see more about this project in this blog post.

Garden improving completion

On Wednesday March 14th, Tech Mentors Martin and Elmer came to our TY Product Design and Horticultural class.
We started by having a discussion about what we wanted to get done in this workshop. After deciding on this, we got to work.
We began by putting in the last of the three foundations of the vertical garden, after mixing the concrete and placing paving slabs on the foundation to hold up the pallettes. After this we put battens on each side of the pallets, to hold up the seat at suitable angles. Finally, we painted the pallets white with environmentally friendly white primer paint.


The final foundations


Attaching battens to pallets


Finally painting the pallets!

– Jen Walsh
Kilkenny College Student Mentor