Kilkenny College Workshop – Interior space improvements

Kilkenny College Workshop – Interior space improvements

Susliving Tech Mentor Martin is working with Student Mentor Jen Walsh and Transition year students in Kilkenny College who have selected the Red Square area of the main building to study, with a view to improving the use and image of the space.


With this project, the goals are to provide better acoustic and thermal insulation of the space while also creating a more comfortable gathering space through the use of screens, backdrops and mobile seating. Alongside this the project will create a link to and improve the general layout and visual impact of the adjoining outside courtyard area.

Red square sketch one

Red Square blueprint sketch

What we did

The students took measurements of the space and created a plan of the area together with photographs of the existing layout. They are working on several different types of models and forms to create wall mounted and suspended screens and artworks, as well as developing mobile seating and relaxation areas. They will also be preparing a schedule of materials which involves them identifying any and all suitable waste materials in the school that may be used in their works.

Red square sketch  two

Sketch of materials and their uses

Susliving will be working with the TY students on this project to complete the first phase of this work before the end of next term.


– Martin Mulligan
Susliving Tech Mentor: Eco Architect
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