Colaiste Pobail Osrai project update & video log part 1!

Colaiste Pobail Osrai project update & video log part 1!

The Goal

Prior to Christmas, we had put together some blueprints and plans for our Eco-House Project. This was to be a construction project adjacent to the main school building. After the new year, we began to put our plans into practice and construction began on our Eco-Friendly House project.

Below is the first part of the Video Log, detailing the blueprints and the construction plan. The next parts of the Video Log will be added shortly!


Video by Aaron Baron

What we’ve done

Once the plans were finalised we lined out the building site. After that we began to dig the holes for the foundation. Working together, we dug 12 holes, roughly 20cm deep and the width of a tyre. We placed 2 tyres above each hole and then packed the entire thing with gravel, keeping it very compact, which we managed to source for free (it took over 2 tons!). After this we hammered in all the rebars down through the gravel in each tyre to hold it very strongly in place. This brought us up to mid-Febraury.

Since then, work became even more productive and we became more industrious! We crafted and joined several scaffolding planks to make a skeleton for the floor. This was placed upon paving slabs which were themselves placed upon the tyres. After this, 12 foot runners were cut and placed along the inside of the scaffolding planks and pallets placed down upon them, which acts as a support for the floor.

What we’re doing next!

We’re currently finishing this phase of the project, and afterwards, we’ll be putting down floor boards and putting up support beams for the roof. The help thus far from Susliving has been invaluable, with great help in regards to getting materials and regular meetings with Tech Mentor Martin Mulligan, who’s helped us hugely with continuing the construction.

– Aaron Baron
Colaiste Pobail Osrai