School of the Holy Spirit Workshop – Raised garden beds

School of the Holy Spirit Workshop – Raised garden beds

Susliving Tech Mentors Elmer and Martin are working with 15 students from School of the Holy Spirit in Kilkenny to create raised beds and vertical gardens.


This project will provide opportunities to grow a range of flowers, fruit and vegetables and also provide a visual screen in front of the bin and compost area.

How we did it

In this workshop we used timber and salvaged pallets to create a raised bed with wire climber frame. We mixed compost with soil and planted a range of flowers and shoots from a variety of flowers which the students had previously sown.

Mixing soil and compost

Mixing the compost and soil for the raised bed

Raised bed

Raised garden bed

Next steps

In the next workshop we will complete the pallet based vertical garden including making a trellis over the pallets on which to grow a variety of climbing plants.

Vertical base

Pallet base for vertical garden, beginning of visual screen


– Elmer Dool
Susliving Tech Mentor: Biodiversity & Horticulture
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