Sligo Grammar School – Student report

Sligo Grammar School – Student report

On Wednesday 6th March just under 30 of our Transition Year students took part in a Susliving workshop organised by Tech Mentors Elmer and Martin. We had planned to make a raised bed for both flowers and vegetables and a bench which would display flowers on either side.

The day began with the construction of the raised bed. We used old wooden pallets which were taken apart and drilled together. It was laid against a wall for balance and this also meant we could plant wall plants such as ivy. We then collected unused soil from the back of the school, we would later mix it with compost in our raised bed to make the soil more fertile. We then began to plant our flowers and vegetables in the raised bed.

Vegetables planted included Strawberries, rhubarb and lettuces while the flowers on show included a variety of heathers and plants which would climb the wall. We then began work on the bench. Using timber from the woodwork room we cut and sized our pieces to make the bench. Either side of the bench we made two boxes with a lining of drainage material . We then planted pansies in each box. On a later date we painted both to further add to their appearance Our bench and raised bed were now complete !

It was fantastic experience in which we learnt not only how to make a raised bed and bench but also how to plant and care for a variety of different plants. Thanks to Elmer and Martin, we look forward to seeing you in the future!

You can read more about the workshop in this post.

– Maeve Mohan
Sligo Grammar School Transition Year Student