Sligo Grammar School workshop & video!

Sligo Grammar School workshop & video!

Susliving Tech Mentors Elmer and Martin are working with Sligo Grammar School Transition Year students and their Student Mentors Nicola and Padraig, to create a number of ecological structures in the grounds of the school.


The idea is to use a selection of new and salvaged timber to construct a nature seat, garden bed and more.
Below you will also find a video showing the process of this workshop, and what was done!

What we did

In this workshop we created a raised bed and a nature seat in the grounds of the school.
The students worked with the Mentors to complete this feature with the aforementioned timber, along with the raised garden bed. Along with this, the students planted a mixture of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the raised bed. There were plenty of seeds to be sowed in seed trays and potting up of flowering plants and herbs in containers.

The students also created a number of ‘insect hotels’ to locate around the school grounds.
To complete this part of the project, the next stage will include painting of the timber structures with ecological paints and laying paving and gravel to the front of the seat and raised garden bed.
Susliving will issue an aftercare and maintenance student worksheet for the crops.

The workshop video!

Video by Alexandra Pimanova
Camera: Canon 550D
Music: Esli ti so mnoy – Dominik Joker

What’s next?

The next phase of Susliving workshops will include plans to construct a fruit garden, more wall planting, an extended herb garden and dry stone walling in the school grounds.


– Martin Mulligan
Susliving Tech Mentor: Eco Architect
You can email me with questions or advice at