Sligo Grammar School – Horticulture Workshop student reports

Sligo Grammar School – Horticulture Workshop student reports

Student Reports – Susliving Horticulture Workshop

These reports are written by 3 sets of students taking part in the Susliving Workshops in Sligo Grammar School. This workshop was a follow up to the previous workshop in which Tech Mentors Elmer and Martin outlined how to and helped create a garden bed, nature seat and various other ecological structures.
This workshop was focused on creating a new fruit garden and maintaining the previous herb and vegetable garden.
You can view a video report of this workshop here.

Student Reports

On Tuesday 30th of April, classes 4C and 4D worked together along with Elmer and Martin on Sligo Grammar School’s herb garden. Elmer and Martin showed us how to space out and support both fruit plants and vegetables. We used different tools to help us create the holes and clear out the roots from the area. Then we started to plant using mixed soil and compost.
Together we managed to plant fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, red cabbage and celery, all in the short amount of time we had. After we planted the different fruit and vegetables we labelled and watered them. Elmer then brought out his home-made soda bread and a few students got mayonnaise and butter from the canteen, and herbs and salad leaves from our own garden created during our first sus-living workshop. We all had a good time creating this second garden.
Thank you Elmer and Martin, we couldn’t have done it without you!

-Aislinn C


In our planting workshop on April 30th, we first cleared the area and dug some holes for the plants such as gooseberries, strawberries, loganberries and tayberries. We cleared the holes we had dug from roots.
We set up a wire on the wall behind the holes we dug so the plants could climb up the wall easily.
We planted the fruit-plants in the holes we had dug and added a mixture of compost and normal soil to help the plants grown.
We made sure the worms were happy with their new environment!

-Nathan Bourke, Ole Aurich and Alex Gutierrez


We gathered all the tools and plants we needed for the workshop. To ensure the plants would live, we had to loosen the top soil and mix it with compost. This allowed the fruit and vegetables to get the nutrients they needed to survive. We marked out the area where we were going to put the plants, and raked away the hard surface around it. We planted red cabbage, celery, cauliflower and strawberries. They were planted in a zigzag pattern so all the space would be filled up and there would be no waste.
We then labelled and watered the plants. After that we used some old planks of wood to build a boarder around our little plot.
After we cleaned up, we all sat down and enjoyed Elmer’s homemade soda bread topped with herbs and salads we had planted in our previous workshop. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; it was a great experience to create our own little garden.
Big thanks to Elmer and Martin for their help!

-Megan Griffiths and Niamh Igoe