Sligo Grammar School Workshop video #2

Sligo Grammar School Workshop video #2

Following up from their previous workshop in Sligo Grammar School, Tech mentors Martin and Elmer made a return visit to carry out a review of the first workshop and to moniter the continuing work on the project. At the end of this post you will find the 2nd workshop video from Sligo Grammar School.


This new workshop involved the planning, designing and planting of a new fruit garden in an existing walled garden. The soil was to be improved by using a mix of peat and compost, and a range of new fruits was to be planted in the new garden. Along with these activities, maintenance of the previously constructed garden and other ecological structures was to be reviewed.

What we did

By improving the soil by using a mix of peat and compost, this proved to be the ideal start for the blueberries, red and black currants and gooseberries that were planted on the day. By using wire supports, loganberries and tayberries were planted against a wall and trained with the supports. Herbs and various salads grown by the students in their garden previously provided a very tasty snack while work continued!
You can read several group reports on this workshop written by the students here.

Workshop video #2

Video by Alexandra Pimanova

– Elmer Dool
Susliving Tech Mentor: Horticulture & Biodiversity
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