School of the Holy Spirit – Demonstration Centre Student Reports

School of the Holy Spirit – Demonstration Centre Student Reports

Following their visit to the new Susliving Demonstration Centre in October, students of Class 12 submitted these fantastic reports outlining the various different workshops they took part in, the parts of those workshops they enjoyed, and all the things they learned during their visit!


“I really enjoyed the trip to Kingsriver. The thing I enjoyed the most was learning about the straw house. I really liked that because it shows you how to build it and it saves money because it can be heated by a candle. It is also environmentally friendly.
Another way to save money is by composting and using it to grow your own fruit and veg. I also learned it would take 50 people cycling a bike to make enough electricity for me to use my shower for 20 minutes.”
– Dylan


“On Wednesday the 16 of October some classes from the School of the Holy Spirit went to a workshop in Kingsriver. I was fascinated with the entrance to the workshop. There was lots of wooden ornaments made by the lads in Kingsriver. Everyone met the four men who were going to educate us on the day.
Firstly, we went into the woodwork part with Martin. I thought there was plenty to do in this section. Plastering, weaving, building bird houses. Out of all the things we did in the woodwork section I would say I really enjoyed building the bird house.
After lunch we then moved on to a class with Elmer. He was going to teach us about plants & soil. We learned a lot about good soil & bad soil. We got to feel the types of soil. There was dry soil which would be bad for plants and then there was soil which was mixed with compost. This is the type plants love because there is a lot of nutrients.
Also, Elmer let us plant bulbs in soil and he told us to get them as deep as we could. After that we learned how to keep bugs & insects alive during Winter. If you have bamboo sticks or wooden logs and tie them really tight, insects will crawl into them because they’re supposed to be really warm.
The next class we went to was with Gary who was telling us about energy. A number of students got to cycle a bike to see how many kilowats they could generate. I think the highest number was in the 200 range. Gary had a lot of knowledge on using energy and what’s beneficial.
Lastly, we walked up to the upstairs part & met a couple of lads telling us about woodwork. The lads made a drafts board and they told us it took them forever using sandpaper to smooth the edges. In my opinion the drafts board was crafted very well and I’d say a lot of work went into it.
It was time to go then and even though it rained for some of the day it was still a marvellous experience. It was great to meet everyone working there and I would say anyone would enjoy Kingsriver. It has something for everyone. Woodwork, plants, energy are just some of the wonderful things there.”
– Simon


“I enjoyed pedalling the bike learning about electricity and how it works. Learned about plants and all the different types and drawing the pictures on the board.
I learned about the environment and how long humans have been here for. Paper can be made into a block for the fire. I also learned about a classroom in Africa made of straw and mud.
I saw different coloured plants and roof beds and how to make a brick from mud and not all ducks like being touched.”
– Stefan


“I enjoyed all the wood work they showed us. We saw how to make all different kinds of furniture with wood.
I learned that you would need 50 people cycling a bike to make enough energy to have a 20 minute shower.
I learned that you could use an orange to power a toy boat because of the acid in it.”
– Stephen