Colaiste Pobail Osrai – Eco Shed update

Colaiste Pobail Osrai – Eco Shed update

Together with the staff at Colaiste Pobail Osrai, the plan for completion of the main building works of the Eco Shed project has been finalised, and we aim to have the main construction elements completed by the end of December!


CPO - eco shed

The Eco Shed!


Progress on the construction of the Eco Shed had started to slow down, an it was agreed that a concentrated period of site work would achieve more progress much quicker. By planning a week long workshop in December, and with the active participation of Transition Year students, school staff and Susliving Technical Mentors, we expect to have the main building works completed before Christmas.


CPO - eco shed roof structure

Roof & wall construction plan


These detailed design drawings have been prepared by Susliving in collaboration with Colaiste Pobail Osrai, and detail the form and finishes proposed for the roof construction and other setions of the Eco Shed. Plastering, finishing carpentry and decoration work will be undertaken in designated periods over the next school term.


CPO - eco shed roof structure plan

Roof structure plan



CPO-eco shed roof detail

Detail of Eco Shed roof