Energy Monitoring Programme workshop in St. Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School

Energy Monitoring Programme workshop in St. Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School

EMP Workshop

Susliving held the first Energy Monitoring Programme workshop with the 1st and 5th year students of St. Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School in Dublin.
The Tech Mentors from the Susliving team were Kevin, Elmer and Zaki.
Kevin introduced the story of energy and outlined the difference between fossil fuels and renewable energy and how sustainable living makes us responsible for using the Earth’s resources wisely.
Elmer outlined the purpose of energy monitoring and how it can be carried out in a school environment.
Zaki outlined the monitoring equipment in use in the school and also explained the goals of a student/teacher ‘Energy Team’ to record information and share it with rest of the students and staff in the school so that everyone works together on the project.

Starting Steps

To work out how much a school can save on energy consumption, firstly there is the need to find out how much energy the school is using at the moment and to establish current usage and behaviours.
This is the Survey step and was started with great interest by the students with the support of the Tech Mentors and teachers Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Daly.
Groups of students surveyed 3 different rooms and presented their findings to the other groups. This Energy Survey showed up some interesting comparisons between the different rooms in terms of their size, range of electrical equipment, light levels and other relevant energy data.
This is important information which will be used at a later stage when considering potential ways to save energy.
This data will now become part of the follow up workshop that will take place in a number of weeks, as an important part of the overall Energy Monitoring Programme for the school.

Next Steps

Following this first workshop, the next steps in the Energy Monitoring Programme for St. Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School are:

  • Complete the survey of all rooms in the school
  • Draft an energy statement
  • Consider communications strategy in the school
  • Collect electricity/oil/gas bills for past year
  • 2nd workshop 14th March 2014

These are the first steps in finding out the current behaviours and usage of energy in the school, which gives us a baseline to compare to. Only when this information is established can we then look at ways to save energy. Then by comparing recorded usage data to our baseline we can actually quantify the savings from changes we will make in the future.

All workshop notes and action survey sheets for this Energy Monitoring Programme workshop are available to the teachers in the Resources section on the Susliving website.