Abbey Community College Continues its Quest for Sustainability

Abbey Community College Continues its Quest for Sustainability

On the 7th May 2014, Kevin, Elmer and Zaki from Susliving came to the Abbey to meet 20 students to follow up on our previous workshop with them in Kingsriver in March. This time, they came to discuss energy and biodiversity.

In relation to energy, they discussed with us how we can monitor our consumption and encourage conservation on site at school. Firstly, we were shown an energy bill and then they explained to us how to represent this data in graph form so that it’s easier to understand and more student friendly!
They explained how we should use the meter readings to help us find the solution to reducing energy usage in the school. We discussed how some days would have larger energy usage than others e.g. cold, dark day when all lights would be needed and that the energy usage would be lower on the weekends when the school is empty.


Tree planting!

We discussed how we could discover the source of the energy being used and also presented different ways of conserving energy over time.
As part of the community element of this workshop, a beautiful cherry blossom tree was planted in the school grounds. Mr. Des Daunt came along to help the students, staff and the Susliving team to officially plant the tree. We would hope that this tree will grow alongside our commitment to sustainable development.


Planting and biodiversification

After the tree planting, we got our hands and knees dirty and potted some plants and herbs. We planted two hanging baskets, a window box, lettuce, rocket, strawberries and different herbs. Elmer and Zaki explained to us that oxygen, heat and water is needed for the plants to grow so we moved them into the garden area within the school to protect them. Some students brought their plants home while others gave them to the staff. We thanked Kevin, Elmer and Zaki for coming into us and giving us a better understanding of the small changes we can make to provide for future generations to come.


More planting!


Elements & ingredients

– Aoife Power and Laura Hallissey


The Susliving Team

The Susliving Team

The Susliving Organisation was founded by a group of individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise in sustainability in Ireland and internationally, for the purpose of promoting and exploring ideas about sustainable living at school, at work and throughout the community.