St. Brigid’s College – Christmas Repurposing Workshop

St. Brigid’s College – Christmas Repurposing Workshop
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Susliving Tech Mentors Sheila, Elmer and Laurie visited St. Brigid’s College in Callan, Co. Kilkenny, with a workshop focusing on repurposing waste material generated within the school. The students were very industrious and imaginative, and produced a variety of different styles and designs. The students will be given time to finish their creations in the coming weeks in preparation for a Christmas charity sale.

Sheila showed the students how to make decorations from old catalogues, magazine supplements and newspaper. In one case, the addition of a tin can covered in red fabric made a very creative Christmas tree! Snow was on the mind in Callan, with many students making snowmen out of toilet paper rolls, and snowflake ornaments were created by outlining white paint onto the cut off ends of plastic bottles. Laurie demonstrated how to paint glass containers and how to press flowers to make and decorate Christmas cards made from cardboard.
A group of students from Spain and Germany demonstrated how to create different decorations out of aluminium cans, and explained how they have worked with repurposing before. One can never know too much about sustainability!
After bottles had been painted, glitter had been shook and hats had been made for snowmen, the rest of the Transition Year students joined the Susliving class in a lecture hall for Sheila’s talk about Junk Kouture. There was an interesting slideshow with all the various sculptures and fashion items that had been made with ‘waste’ material that can be collected in any home and school situation.


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