Susliving Gardening & Horticulture workshops – Thomastown Town of Food calendar

Susliving Gardening & Horticulture workshops – Thomastown Town of Food calendar

Here’s a calendar list of the Susliving Gardening & Horticulture workshops that we’re running with the Thomastown Town of Food initiative. The workshops take place in the Thomastown Food Campus and have already progressed to the third workshop! There’s no requirement to have attended previous workshops so if you’re interested in taking part or curious about what’s going on, don’t hesitate to send us a message or check out the course page on the Town of Food website.

Please note that the workshop scheduled for January 24th has been postponed until January 31st.


Workshop Date#Workshop Outline
25/10/20141Garden Design
01/11/20142Raised bed types, biodiversity & wildlife
08/11/20143Compost bins & hedging plants
15/11/20144Garden fruit & crops
22/11/20145Garden crops & hard landscaping
06/12/20147Soft landscaping
13/12/20148Rainwater harvesting
10/01/20159Creating & using your garden resources
17/01/20159Open Day & Workshop
31/01/201510Quiet areas & features, maintenance & aftercare



The Susliving Team

The Susliving Team

The Susliving Organisation was founded by a group of individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise in sustainability in Ireland and internationally, for the purpose of promoting and exploring ideas about sustainable living at school, at work and throughout the community.