Susliving Workshops @ Abbott Ireland

Susliving Workshops @ Abbott Ireland

The Susliving team is delivering a set of workshops to Abbott Ireland in Cootehill, Co. Cavan as part of their Eco Awareness Week. Focusing on sustainability at home as well as in the workplace, the workshops being delivered are based on the areas of Energy, Food & Gardening and Recycling & Repurposing. Susliving will also have an exhibition stall to go along with the workshops, which will provide information and previews of the workshops offerings.

Information leaflets available at the Susliving exhibition stall, workshop fact sheets and other relevant documents are available for download using the links below.

The Susliving workshops run from 09.00 – 10.20 and 14.30-15.50 on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a summary and Q&A session at 16.00 on Wednesday afternoon. The workshops are set up so that those interested can drop in for one part in the morning, and catch up on the remaining parts in the afternoon.

The Susliving exhibition stall is there to offer information and answers to common questions, as well as providing details of the workshops.

Information documents:


The Susliving exhibition stall, brightening up workplaces on even the greyest of days!



And what we’ve affectionately termed, the SusOffice Experience:


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The Susliving Team

The Susliving Team

The Susliving Organisation was founded by a group of individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise in sustainability in Ireland and internationally, for the purpose of promoting and exploring ideas about sustainable living at school, at work and throughout the community.