Grennan College – Biodiversity Workshop

Grennan College – Biodiversity Workshop

Creating the Community Garden

In our first workshop with the students of Grennan College in autumn of 2014 they were presented with a bare field, and began the process of learning how to plan and create a community garden on the site of Thomastown Town of Food. Over the series of workshops we have had with them, they have developed their skills in every aspect of the community garden.
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From creating raised beds to composting, rainwater harvesting, planting fruit trees and making repurposed garden furniture. While broadening their own practical skills in sustainability then have also contributed to the establishment of the Thomastown Town of Food garden.

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In our final workshop the Grennan College students returned to the Town of Food garden with Susliving Tech Mentors to complete the features they had been working on over the past number of months. With the sun shining brightly they put the finishing touches to the hen house and painted the raised beds. We have been delighted with what they have achieved in transforming this focal point of sustainability in the community, and with their willingness to get stuck in and learn! Thanks to the students and their teachers and we look forward to seeing them after the summer break!