Muine Bheag Vocational School – Biodiversity Workshop

Muine Bheag Vocational School – Biodiversity Workshop
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Growing Biodiversity in Muine Bheag Vocational School

The Susliving Tech Mentors were delighted on arriving to Muine Bheag Vocational School to see the students had followed our last workshop with some planting of their own, bringing colour and flowers for pollination into the school grounds. We followed this on with more biodiversity planting with the class, putting in fruiting trees and flowering shrubs which will attract pollinating insects and bees.

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As well as providing flowers for insects to feed on in the summer, the students also made bug hotels for overwintering insects, including ladybirds, which we found in the vegetable patch. These will feed on greenfly in the summer, and means harmful insecticides will not have to be sprayed. As well as taking care of beneficial insects, the students also made a bird nesting box from waste wooden decking, and some repurposed bird feeders to encourage more wildlife into the school grounds.

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Altogether over our series of workshops there has been great enthusiasm and engagement from the students and teachers in Muine Bheag Vocational School. They have learned how to grow their own food, attract wildlife into the school grounds, and create a healthy and sustainable school environment!

The Susliving Team

The Susliving Team

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