Kilkenny College Water Conservation Competition

Kilkenny College Water Conservation Competition

Kilkenny College Water Conservation Competition

Kilkenny College recently held a water awareness competition as part of their Green Flag for Water to design a poster illustrating the theme of water conservation. Susliving was delighted to sponsor the prizes and we would like to say congratulations to all those who took part in this campaign! The students also produced an excellent report on the results of a water survey in the school, which you can see below.


Congratulations to the winners!


Water conservation is a growing issue and the more focus and awareness of the practical, every day implementation of it the better. Water is a precious resource and much more limited than we take for granted. With the growth in the populations of cities and across the globe as a whole, the number of people needing access to clean, safe water is constantly increasing. The responsibility is ours to ensure that both we and the generations to come are informed and take steps to ensure water is conserved and maintained as a resource.


Be Water Smart!


Kilkenny College has been making great strides in focusing on sustainability and environmental awareness among the students and around the school. Their gardens are performing very well, and the range of projects relating to sustainability that the school produces is phenomenal. All First Year students visit the Susliving Demonstration Centre at the start of the school year as part of their environmental awareness and to get them as involved as possible from the start. Susliving is also involved with the Biodiversity and Gardening elements of Transition Year, and is always on hand to offer advice!


The results of the Water Use survey conducted by the students are great – the questions are direct and the answers are clear and give an overall bright and positive outlook – keep up the great work KCK!