Midleton Green Schools Workshop

Midleton Green Schools Workshop

Midleton Green Schools Workshop

Green Schools Workshop Day!

On Wednesday the 27th of April the green schools committee were so fortunate to have a workshop by Susliving come to the school.

We were out in the back end of the school by the polytunnel where we were doing all sorts of different activities. I started off along with Sarah making a window box full of strawberries and lettuces. We made the box ourselves from used wood that we measured and sawed, then nailed together. It was surprisingly simple! We then placed stones over holes in the bottom to add a filter for the water to flow through without dragging the dirt out also. We then proceed to fill the box with soil and plants, it was really hands on and great fun!

We then made some arts are crafts. We were making paper back notepads from used paper and marbled the covers, we had the spine of the book as a twig. I thought they were so cute and were a great way of recycling.

We then also jazzed up an old plain top into a bag! It was so easy all we did was cut and tie and then we had a funny new bag!.

I loved everything we did. Elmer and Sheila explained to us exactly how to do these things, meaning we could teach the different activities ourselves if we wanted. I enjoyed the workshop especially because it showed how everything has a second life and how creativity can make anything beautiful again!.


Gabrielle Humphreys




Green Schools Workshop by Sarah Murphy

On wednesday 27th of April, a number of members from our Green Schools committee took part in a fantastic workshop on sustainable living by Mr. Elmer Dool and Ms. Sheila Jordan. We were split into two groups, Elmer took one surrounded by pots and plants and Sheila took the other and had a bench set up with different materials to use.

In Elmers group we made window boxes from spare left over wood that was cut for skirting boards. We then potted some interesting herbs and flowers into the two boxes. The girls group definitely did a better job than the boys! We also did a soil test collected from different parts of the school and Elmer had brought some for comparison. We had a worksheet to go along with it which was interesting. He talked about composting as well, which we used to have in the school and how you need a load of different layers, and can’t just dump everything in.

Meanwhile in Sheila’s group they were reusing one sided printouts to create notebooks which they bound together using marbled paper and a stick. They cut some shampoo bottles into holders to hold mobile phones when charging.

Also in Sheila’s group they made old t-shirts into shopping bags by cutting up the end and tying knots, then you cut of the the sleeves and the neck area to make handles, turn inside out and you have a handy shopping bag! Some of the girls used the leftover sleeves as hairbands.

It was a really fun afternoon and we want to thank Elmer and Sheila for the experience and for coming to Midleton College to share their knowledge with us.


The Susliving Team

The Susliving Team

The Susliving Organisation was founded by a group of individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise in sustainability in Ireland and internationally, for the purpose of promoting and exploring ideas about sustainable living at school, at work and throughout the community.