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Gurteen College – McDonald’s Flagship Farm Fieldtrip

As part of the Susliving Third Level Programme in Gurteen College, Susliving recently arranged for students of the Environmental and Sustainable Farming course to visit one of Mcdonald’s Flagship Farms. The Environmental and Sustainable Farming course is provided in conjunction with Susliving to give students the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to farm in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Operating across all sectors of farming, these Flagship Farms are suppliers to McDonald’s and have been identified for their excellent practice in sustainability and high standards. As part of the Flagship Farms scheme, the farms encourage sharing of sustainable farming practices, and the students had a great experience visiting Dempsey Beef Farm.
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Midleton Green Schools Workshop

Green Schools Workshop Day!

On Wednesday the 27th of April the green schools committee were so fortunate to have a workshop by Susliving come to the school.

We were out in the back end of the school by the polytunnel where we were doing all sorts of different activities. I started off along with Sarah making a window box full of strawberries and lettuces. We made the box ourselves from used wood that we measured and sawed, then nailed together. It was surprisingly simple! We then placed stones over holes in the bottom to add a filter for the water to flow through without dragging the dirt out also. We then proceed to fill the box with soil and plants, it was really hands on and great fun!

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Workshops with the Irish Wheelchair Association

On May 8th, the Susliving Demonstration Centre hosted visitors from the Irish Wheelchair Association in Kilkenny for a morning of workshops on sustainability. The workshops covered household waste repurposing, gardening and food at home, garden furniture from waste material as well as a look at energy consumption and the ways and means of managing it. The workshop participants had a lot of fun and took away a lot of valuable information which gives them the knowledge to implement what they learned in the workshops.


Susliving Community Workshops in Tullow Library

On Wednesday April 15th the Susliving team delivered a set of workshops to Tullow Library in Tullow, Co. Carlow. The theme of these workshops was waste minimisation and they focused on using waste material for repurposing into functional objects and furniture, as well as waste usage in the garden and biodiversity. The workshops were attended by local schools and community groups, including members of the the local Tidy Towns committee. We even had Mayor of Carlow John Pender and An Tasice ambassador Sarah McGovern pay a visit!

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Susliving Gardening & Horticulture workshops @ Thomastown Town of Food Initiative: Week 10

This was the final class in this series of Susliving workshops at Thomastown Town of Food for this part of the Gardening & Horticulture course. It was a good time to review what has been achieved since the autumn, turning a green field site into a working and ready-to-function kitchen garden. There was a great feeling of achievement by the participants for all the work carried out during the autumn and throughout this first workshop series.
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Susliving Gardening & Horticulture workshops @ Thomastown Town of Food Initiative: Week 9

A clear, sunny New Year’s day got Susliving’s Tech Mentors and workshop participants off to a lively start in the Thomastown Town of Food garden. The garden is really taking shape with the main pathways now in place, allowing easy access to the different garden areas. Despite the difficult weather conditions endured during the autumn, the polytunnel is in it’s final position and is ready for use in the spring to make an early start in growing vegetables and fruit.
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January 15th sees the official opening of School of Food for the Thomastown Town of Food initiative. The Open Days take place on January 17th and 18th which are open to one and all, and there will be also be a Susliving Gardening & Horticulture workshop running on the 17th.
Over the past months, Susliving has been delivering workshops as part of the Thomastown Town of Food Gardening & Horticulture course. These workshops have focused on building up the Food Garden from scratch, from hard landscaping and infrastructure building, to future plant planning using suitable catalogues of domestic and alternative crops and plants. The workshops began in the Garden Design & Planning phase, where surveys and assessments were carried out on the Food Garden. After the initial design and planning workshops, we progressed onto lands caping and construction of compost bins, raised beds and the poly tunnel. In tandem with the construction of the garden structures and poly tunnel, suitable fruit and crops were selected for future planting in the garden.
The Thomastown Town of Food Garden is a fantastic community project and here at Susliving we are delighted to be a part of it! This project is a developing success and aims to provide a source of fruit and vegetables for the School of Food.

To find out more, see the workshop calendar and visit the course page on the Thomastown Town of Food site.