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Gurteen College – McDonald’s Flagship Farm Fieldtrip

As part of the Susliving Third Level Programme in Gurteen College, Susliving recently arranged for students of the Environmental and Sustainable Farming course to visit one of Mcdonald’s Flagship Farms. The Environmental and Sustainable Farming course is provided in conjunction with Susliving to give students the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to farm in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Operating across all sectors of farming, these Flagship Farms are suppliers to McDonald’s and have been identified for their excellent practice in sustainability and high standards. As part of the Flagship Farms scheme, the farms encourage sharing of sustainable farming practices, and the students had a great experience visiting Dempsey Beef Farm.
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Midleton Green Schools Workshop

Green Schools Workshop Day!

On Wednesday the 27th of April the green schools committee were so fortunate to have a workshop by Susliving come to the school.

We were out in the back end of the school by the polytunnel where we were doing all sorts of different activities. I started off along with Sarah making a window box full of strawberries and lettuces. We made the box ourselves from used wood that we measured and sawed, then nailed together. It was surprisingly simple! We then placed stones over holes in the bottom to add a filter for the water to flow through without dragging the dirt out also. We then proceed to fill the box with soil and plants, it was really hands on and great fun!

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Kilkenny College Water Conservation Competition

Kilkenny College recently held a water awareness competition as part of their Green Flag for Water to design a poster illustrating the theme of water conservation. Susliving was delighted to sponsor the prizes and we would like to say congratulations to all those who took part in this campaign! The students also produced an excellent report on the results of a water survey in the school, which you can see below. Read more

St Brigid’s College – Junk Kouture Workshop

Tuesday 3rd May saw a very successful workshop with the Transition Year students at St Bridgid’s Callan.  Following on from our previous visits involving workshops on gardening skills and biodiversity, including recycling and re-purposing, the students have taken on a project to use the waste materials from the school to produce unique outfits in the style of Junk Kouture.

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Templecarraig Green Schools Committee Presentation

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Green Schools Committee Showcase Sustainability Suggestions

Students from the Green Schools Committee in Templecarraig School in Greystones, Co. Wicklow delivered an impressive presentation on sustainability in and around their new school premises. The presentation, which is available to view using the link below, focused on the different aspects of sustainability which need to be considered with their move into the new school. The students presented their findings and suggestions across a range of topics and had some fantastic methods for saving energy based on their findings.

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I.W.A. at the Susliving Demonstration Centre

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Workshops with the Irish Wheelchair Association

On May 8th, the Susliving Demonstration Centre hosted visitors from the Irish Wheelchair Association in Kilkenny for a morning of workshops on sustainability. The workshops covered household waste repurposing, gardening and food at home, garden furniture from waste material as well as a look at energy consumption and the ways and means of managing it. The workshop participants had a lot of fun and took away a lot of valuable information which gives them the knowledge to implement what they learned in the workshops.


Loreto Learn About Lettuce and Lending to the Locals

On a breezy Monday morning mentors Elmer and Laurie visited the Loreto Secondary School in Kilkenny and met a shivering group of first and fourth year students. The aim was to build, plant, and donate two window boxes to the Troyscourt Homes for the elderly in St. Canice’s parish in record time!

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Newtown School – Biodiversity & Ecotrail Development

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Extending Biodiversity & Ecotrail at Newtown School

Returning to Newtown School in Waterford this week, we were delighted to see that all the new plantings are coming along well, and there is a great selection of vegetables soon ready for harvesting, including broad beans, lettuce and herbs. The students and staff in the school are also getting on board with growing food, and have taken the challenge to grow peas as part of a new nationwide challenge.

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