Gurteen College – European Travel Bursary

Gurteen College – European Travel Bursary

2014 Trip: Germany & Austria

Travel Bursary 2014 Report-6

The Susliving-Gurteen Agricultural College Travel Bursary was introduced in 2013 for students taking the second-year Sustainable Farming module. The Travel Bursary provides the means for students to experience sustainable farming practices in an insightful and inspiring setting, meeting pioneers from across the spectrum of European sustainable agriculture, and seeing the cutting edge of a diverse and changing market.
While maintaining a balance of academic as well as practical interest, the three bursary winners were selected from the class of 2013, with the provison that travel would take place in 2014. The trip took place on the 14th – 18th July 2014, with graduates Melissa White, Colm Mc Clafferty and Philip Serviss, under the coordination of Susliving Tech Mentor Zaki Mahfoud.

2014 Trip Details

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Heat-from-wood – Agraligna

Agraligna is a company which develops heat-from-wood agriculture using short rotation coppice (SRC). They have projects within Germany and Eastern Europe, and are experienced in both the agricultural production, marketing of wood and generation of heat for sale.

Organic beef and dairy, and regenerative energies – Biohof Fichtl

The Fichtl family farm is located in Ebenhofen, in the state of Bavaria. Having converted to organic agriculture in the 1970s, Herbert and his son Andy produce organic meat and milk, and in latter years have invested in on-farm regenerative energy projects

Permaculture and integrated farming – Krameterhof

Krameterhof, situated in the Austrian Alps, known as a centre for permaculture and polyculture – growing a diversity of crops with a high degree of ecological interconnectivity – and provides education in these practices in addition to the farming operations.

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