Energy Monitoring Programme Workshop Notes & Action Books:

In the table below you will find the Workshop Notes and Action Books for the Susliving Energy Monitoring Programme. We will be adding new Workshop Notes & Modules and their accompanying Action Books as the Energy Monitoring Programme progresses, so check back frequently for updates.


#Module TitleDescriptionWorkshop NotesActions & WorksheetsOther Documents
1The Story Of EnergyThis module gives a brief history of fossil fuels and renewable energy. Actions include a survey of energy types used in your school.Module 1Action 1EMP Workshop #2 Outline & Summary
2The Purpose Of Energy MonitoringThis module covers the reasons why monitoring energy usage is important. Actions include discussing the benefits of energy monitoring and saving energy.Module 2Action 2
3Energy Monitoring EquipmentThis module covers the equipment used for monitoring energy usage. This module requires a Tech Mentor. Actions include an equipment maintenance worksheet.Module 3Action 3
4The Energy TeamThis module outlines what an Energy Team is, it’s responsibilities and how to go about forming one. Actions include Energy Team formation and Energy Team Tasks.Module 4Action 4
5Energy Team CommunicationsThis module explores ways the Energy Team can communicate and market the energy saving programme to their school and peers and the creation of an Energy Statement for your school. Actions include the Energy Statement, discussion and brainstorming worksheets.Module 5Action 5
6Energy SurveyThis module covers the How, When & Who of energy usage in your school. Actions include an extensive Energy Survey for your school, and individual Room Surveys.Module 6Action 6
7Energy Monitoring Programme ObjectivesThis module outlines the objectives of the Susliving Energy Monitoring Programme in your school, and what the aims are. Actions include recording energy usage worksheets, and identifying savings opportunities in your school.Module 7Action 7 (A)

Action 7 (B)

8Reading An Electricity BillThis module covers what an electricity bill is, details the different parts and information on the bill and what it means.Module 8


Instructions for use:

These points outline how you may use the Workshop Notes and Action Worksheets for the Susliving Energy Monitoring Programme.
These Workshop Notes and Action Worksheets are the same as used and demonstrated by the Susliving Tech Mentors who have deliverd these workshops to your school.

  • You may choose to either revise certain modules or continue with new modules in the Workshop Notes.
  • These options may have been discussed with you and a Susliving Tech Mentor and your selection should be based on your school’s current progress in the Susliving Energy Monitoring Programme.
  • The Workshop Notes should be used for theory delivery to your students and where suggested, the relevant Action Worksheets for student completion.
  • The Workshop Notes reference their relating Actions and Worksheets and vice versa.
  • The Workshop Notes are designed to allow you to deliver a single module per class period time. The relating Actions may take longer than one class and may be run over several classes.

Help & Support:

If you are having trouble using this page, or need assistance in using the above Workshop Notes and Action Books, please email: or telephone: (086) 2504-881.