Susliving Community Demonstration Centre

The Susliving Demonstration Centre is located at Kingsriver, Ennisnag, Co. Kilkenny and offers practical workshops on a wide range of sustainable living topics. It provides an introduction and hands on approach to sustainable living concepts and practices. Each sustainable living workshop involves a variety of activities that encourages a “learning by doing” approach.

Energy & Water

Find out how to:

  • Measure your energy consumption
  • Energy loss and insulation
  • Save energy, save money
  • Alternative energy

Become more aware of:

  1. Ideas and practices involved in renewable and sustainable energy sources.
  2. Practical applications such as personal energy use, energy loss at home and in buildings
    as well as ways of identifying cost saving opportunities.
  3. Challenging your behaviour, while encouraging you to bring your
    experiences into your workplaces and communities.



Food – Let’s Garden

Experience hands on approach to:

  • Your local resources
  • Calendar gardening
  • Square inch gardening
  • Composting
  • Rainwater harvesting

Become more aware of:

  1. Local resources.
  2. The edible garden.
  3. Seasonal food.
  4. The role of wildlife.
  5. Your garden, your food!



Recycle – Creativity & Common Sense

Develop your curiosity, imagination and creativity to:

  • Your local resources
  • Raised beds
  • Window boxes
  • Vertical gardens
  • Other recycling ideas

Become more aware of:

  1. Value of ‘scrap’.
  2. Your impact on the environment.
  3. Your passive energy use.


Costs of Sustainable Living

Develop your ability to plan and analyse:

  • Upfront spend
  • Running costs
  • Savings
  • Payback timeframe



Click here for more details about Susliving Community & Workplace Workshops

  • You may specify particular themes or topics of interest, and request workshops to be tailored to your requirements.
  • Susliving will also design and tailor specific workshops and short courses around many of the sustainable living themes.
  • Along with your visit to the Susliving Demonstration Centre we can include a visit to a Community Hall in Waterford, built from recycled materials, as a demonstration of real-world sustainable construction practices.
  • Susliving can also include a visit to a local community where sustainable living is an everyday choice and demonstrates practical biodiversity, sustainable construction and renewable energy techniques. One great example of such sustainability is their anaerobic digester which uses bacteria to provide low-cost energy and reduce carbon emissions.