Susliving Demonstration Centre – Further Information and Material

We hope you enjoyed your visit to the Susliving Demonstration Centre! The Susliving Mentors are here to support you further, so below we have set out some links and material that provide you with further information and reading relating to our Demonstration Centre workshops.
If you would like to avail of more Susliving Workshops, either at our Demonstration Centre or delivered into your school then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can tailor make the workshops to meet your needs.
See you soon!
The Susliving Team

Interesting Links and Further Reading

These links point to various interesting articles, companies and information relating to the main Demonstration Centre workshop topics – Renewable Energy, Food & Gardening, Recycling & Repurposing.



You can also find a wide range of interesting videos and documentaries on our Interesting Stuff page.


Demonstration Centre Worksheets

These are sample worksheets and diagrams that have been used in the Demonstration Centre workshops for topics such as Seasonal Planting, Creative Thinking and Small Space Gardening.
Food and Gardens

Feedback Forms

We are always striving to improve the Demonstration Centre workshops and our ability to deliver them. If you or your students have any comments or suggestions relating to our Demonstration Centre, please download and complete either the Teacher Feedback Form for your feedback, or the Student Feedback Form for feedback from your students.

Once you have completed the form just save it with your school name added to the document name and email it to, we appreciate any and all feedback!