Susliving In The Community


Energy & Water

Find out how to:

  • Measure your energy consumption
  • Energy loss and insulation
  • Save energy, save money
  • Alternative energy

Become more aware of:

  1. Ideas and practices involved in renewable and sustainable energy sources.
  2. Practical applications such as personal energy use, energy loss at home and in buildings
    as well as ways of identifying cost saving opportunities.
  3. Challenging your behaviour, while encouraging you to bring your
    experiences into your workplaces and communities.


Food – Let’s Garden

Experience hands on approach to:

  • Your local resources
  • Calendar gardening
  • Square inch gardening
  • Composting
  • Rainwater harvesting

Become more aware of:

  1. Local resources.
  2. The edible garden.
  3. Seasonal food.
  4. The role of wildlife.
  5. Your garden, your food!


Recycle – Creativity & Common Sense

Develop your curiosity, imagination and creativity to:

  • Your local resources
  • Raised beds
  • Window boxes
  • Vertical gardens
  • Other recycling ideas

Become more aware of:

  1. Value of ‘scrap’.
  2. Your impact on the environment.
  3. Your passive energy use.

Susliving Demonstration Centre

Learn by doing in a hands on environment:

  • The Garden to Table Experience
  • Energy “The New Live Wire”
  • The Recycling Experience

The Susliving Workshops:

  • Are modular in design
  • Provide a useful and practical focus on developing knowledge and skills of different aspects of Sustainable Living.

The Workshops start within the context of the home – the familiar and taken for granted but a great place to develop confidence in exploring usage and conservation.

The modules are designed to:

  • Encourage individuals to challenge their present behaviour.
  • Explore ways to improve their conservation skills and reduce their costs.
  • Encourage curiosity, imagination & creativity.
  • Develop teamwork and relationships.

The progression from home to work is a natural route and the sharing of individual experiences will encourage a fresh look at behaviour in the workplace.

The Susliving Workplace & Community Workshops can be delivered to your community or workplace and can be completely customised to suit your requirements. You may select and tailor as many workshops as you like.

The workshops also highlight the importance and significance of the Building Energy Rating (BER) and explores some aspects of the process.

The Susliving Workshops use easy to apply actions which will improve your awareness of recycling, energy conservation, better water use and where food grows!

By implementing sustainable living and working concepts and practices in our workplaces and communities and we can reduce energy costs, save money and improve how we live and work sustainably!

For more information and pricing, you can contact us online by using the contact form below, or by phone at: 086-2504-881
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